Frequently Asked Questions

I have been a long time listener of JHAM and have previously subscribed via iTunes. Are there any new steps I need to take?

Yes, for our long time listeners who have previously subscribed to our podcast, follow these instructions. PLEASE NOTE our “RSS FEED” has CHANGED.

1.) First, you will have to delete the old JHAM Radio link in iTunes - Open iTunes and go to your Podcasts Libary in the left hand column. Right click on the old JHAM Radio icon and delete. (If you have subscribed to our previous RSS feed in another platroom, you will need to unsubscribe as well.)

2.) Now you are ready to subscribe to the new RSS Feed in iTunes. To do so, please click the "Subscribe to JHAM Radio in iTunes" link under the main navigation bar. This will open iTunes automatically and you will see a new JHAM Radio icon appear.

3.) To subscribe to our RSS Feed in a browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome), please click on the RSS feed link on top of the page and select which application you wish to use and then press the Subscribe Now button.

*Note: Subscribing to our Podcast in iTunes is FREE.

How often do you post broadcasts and how can I listen to them?

We post new broadcasts on Tuesday's. Simply go to and click on the broadcast to which you would like to listen. You can also search for past broadcasts.

Can you let me know when a new broadcast is available?

To receive a weekly reminder of the broadcast and be added to the JHAM radio list please email us at Please indicate that you would like to be added to the JHAM distribution list.

If you are already subscribed to our new RSS Feed in iTunes, each weekly broadcast will automatically be downloaded into your Podcast Library. Simply click your Podcasts Library to view every new episode. At this time, you may download the broadcasts into your portable media player (iPod). Go to Itunes Download to download iTunes. Without first downloading iTunes, trying to subscribe will result in an error message.

I don’t use iTunes, can I still subscribe to JHAM?

Subscribing using other podcast software: If you use another podcast software (like Juice, Doppler, or Transistr), copy the RSS feed, which you'll find by clicking on the RSS icon and copying the URL that appears. Then paste that URL into your podcast software's add podcast area.

Can I save the MP3 file onto my computer?

In Internet Explorer and Google Chrome: Open a broadcast and right Click on the player, then Save As...(remember to save the MP3 file either to your desktop or in a place you will remember to find the file).

In FireFox: You can not directly save the MP3 to your desktop.

To make a CD: Either download the MP3's to your desktop using IE or Chrome and use your Media Player of choice to make a CD or burn a CD directly in iTunes from your Podcast Library.

It seems to take a long time for the program to start playing on my computer. Is there anything I can do about this?

Every computer has a different default program for playing .mp3 files, and each program interacts differently with your internet browser. Some programs and browsers first download the file to your hard drive before beginning to play the program, and this is what causes the slight delay. Firefox and Quicktime both is force the file to be dowloaded before it can play. The broadcast may play faster if you were to try Internet Explorer or Chrome or remove Quicktime from your computer.

Need more help?

Email us at